The Romanian Gold


Is it possible to replace UK with Russia, Poland with Romania and 100 tonnes with 94 tonnes?

More than 100 tonnes of gold has been returned from London to Poland in a top-secret repatriation mission.

The haul worth around $5bn (£3.85bn) was transported from a secret location near the capital to an unknown airport in London, accompanied by a police escort and a helicopter, and loaded onto a freighter plane and flown off to Poland.

Amid the outbreak of the Second World War, the entire Polish gold reserves were secretly transported across three continents to be stored in London, New York and Ottawa.

Now, Poland has seen the gold that was kept in the UK returned to them and placed in a high-security location.

When it arrived in Poland on 22 November, the gold was loaded into three armoured vehicles and accompanied with a full motorcade to undisclosed vaults.

It took eight trips to transport the gold back to Narodowy Bank Polski, the country's central bank, where it will now be kept. Read more..