Insolvency can be a complex, time-consuming and energy-intensive procedure for all involved, both borrowers and creditors. Our insolvency lawyers appreciate this and make this process as easy as possible.

  • Insolvency-Bankruptcy-and-Restructuring
  • Insolvency-Bankruptcy
  • Restructuring

In addition, through our affiliated companies, we provide our clients with complete pre-insolvency, pre-trial, judicial opening and administration, judicial reorganization, bankruptcy, judicial or voluntary liquidation.

We use accelerated file resolution strategies, working with insolvency practitioners on restructuring and reorganization, and protecting former executives of companies insolvent from complaints against them, and advising administrators on debt disputes, such as and the disposal of assets or other assets.

Our approach is to listen carefully, take into account specific circumstances and work closely with function holders, creditors and directors until your goals have been reached.

Our advice is always practical and relevant. We understand the dynamics of insolvency and we move quickly and decisively when necessary.

Talk to us about

  • Procedure for termination or termination of contracts
  • Outsource resources
  • Acquisition of insolvent companies
  • Reorganization and restructuring of companies
  • Bankruptcy
  • Liquidation

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