About us

Who we are

Pop & Associates (P&A) is an independent Romanian Business law firm offering corporate, transaction and litigation services, merger & acquisitions, arbitration, in a timely and cost-efficient manner, based on strategic and practical insights.

In delivering a seamless international service to our clients, we work closely with other leading independent practices worldwide and joined to the most known international networks.

P&A practice is based on the following core values: strategy and agility, dedication and tenacity, innovation and entrepreneurship and respect for the people and integrity.

We combine our experience and expertise to achieve client objectives efficiently, promptly, economically and with continuity.

Our History 

In 1999, we start as a boutique law firms specialize in practicing only one kind of law - commercial law.

Then, we create a law firm, a firm with a location open to the public, using modern telecommunications to operate and provide its services to clients, with lower overheads than traditional law firms. This lower cost structure allows us to bill clients on a contingency basis rather than by billable hours paid in advance by retainer.

Then we try to jump up a big step, to expand our services on other jurisdiction and have a high ratio of support staff per attorney.

Later, starting from that idea that the customers are on several countries with different needs, we grow up our business to a professional “Full services” firm, having sections specialized on each category of legal work.

Thus, whilst the most profitable law firms in the world remain focus on profits, we change this increasing tendency, our people work for their passion, for value that can add, not for a high rate hour. 

Due to this fact, we think our firms are something special, and we tend to be a reference the market for legal services, especially for “pro bono” services. To find out more about how we work with our clients, please have a look at our booklet together

Thank you for your time that keep us online and growing.

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